4 Awesome Pizzas You Need To Try In Dubai

Everyone loves pizza. No matter where you are or where you are traveling to, a pizza lover will always have one meal reserved for this cheesy and saucy bread. Interestingly, if you have traveled a lot you would know, most of the countries have their own variations of pizza. For example, in Turkey you have pides, a boat-like variation of Pizza, in Egypt you have Fatayer, in Pakistan, you have pizza nans or chap shurou. If you are in Dubai, you will be able to get all of these as the emirate is filled with restaurants of all countries. So without further ado, let’s look at the best pizza restaurants in Dubai.

Solo Bistronomia 

You can head over to Raffles Dubai to try their Solo if you want to get the real taste of Pizzas in Dubai. You will simply fall in love with this delicious Italian cuisine. The wood-fired pizzas here are simply OUT OF THIS WORLD. You get to choose from over 20 different pizzas  and there’s definitely something for everyone. Our favourite is the Bufalina as it comes with thin crust, lovely fresh tomatoes, huge chunks of buffalo mozzarella and green basil leaves. For people who love to have some meat on their pizzas, there are plenty of meat options here as well. 

Exotic Pizza

At The Maine, you can enjoy this exotic pizza. This pizza is available at a high-end seafood grill bar and restaurant in Dubai that is commonly known as The Maine. The pizzas here are as delicious as the ones in Pizza studio city and are really piled high with delicious ingredients. Although the best sellers of this restaurant include the seafood items that are rare and delicious, the pizzas here are also great and amazing. 


This delicious pizza is safely tucked away in the Radisson Blu hotel in Dubai Media City. The restaurant in the hotel is considered the most underrated Italian restaurant in Dubai, yet the food here is simply delicious. With no compromises on quality, the pizzas served here are huge and you get to enjoy the freshest ingredients on them. If you are a fan of folding up slices and eating with your hands, you would love it here. It is a high-end restaurant and the pizzas here start from AED 80, but you will love every bite of the food here. That’s a guarantee. 

800 pizza

This place has outlets all over Dubai and you simply can’t miss it! This pizza place you can choose for a quick pizza delivery without any hassle. The huge pizzas are delicious, filled with delicious ingredients that cause a blast of taste in your mouth with every bite. The best sellers of this restaurant include Margherita Con Bufala. Salami and Pepperoni Pizza, and Chicken Pizza Pollastrona. I personally like the Veggie Classic here as it is filled with loads of roasted vegetables that I simply love. If you are wondering about the prices here, you can have a classic pizza here at AED 55 and the prices only go up from here on. 

These were the top places to try pizzas in Dubai. Head over to these restaurants right now to get a taste of these lovely Italian cuisines.