Funny Online Class Memes Reveal the Memers’ Sharp Observation

Memers have a sharp observation and there is no doubt in that. The years 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of memes to overcome the stress that came with the coronavirus pandemic. The online class memes still tickle the bones of people since the meme-makers presented those in a supper humorous way. Also, these are believed to be very entertaining, as per several students since the memes describe their feelings during the lockdown. The world has been facing a threat and trying to eradicate it by all means. Also, companies, organizations, and institutes, especially educational institutions are under the influence of the Covid19 plague. Thus, the governments in multiple countries of the world have chosen a different path in order to educate the students. The online lectures, which were supposed to be a very serious thing, turned out to be extremely hilarious for many.

What are the Funniest Online Class Memes?

The trend of online class memes started in 2020 when institutes including universities, schools, and colleges took the initiative of providing education via the internet. The students and teachers faced multiple glitches during the classes that resulted in online learning memes. Some faced internet issues, many entertained their peers while taking the lectures.  Aside from the glitches, students managed to enjoy the online sessions by killing time instead of actually being a part of the classes. Those with no webcams and mics enjoyed it in a different yet funny way.

The PTCL Users

In Pakistan, the memes about online classes started with the users of PTCL, Pakistan’s a telecommunication and internet connection. The network is already notorious for providing poor internet services. It magnified the notoriousness when students couldn’t take online lessons due to the bad connectivity. According to some students, the internet died during their classes and their faces started to look like zombies in a fictional movie. Some students took advantage of that and tricked their teachers by saying that their internet wasn’t working properly, which is why they couldn’t attend the lectures.

The Tricksters

The tricksters were the ones who became one of the reasons for memers to share funny online class memes. They tricked their teachers in multiple ways. Some found their old teachers with less knowledge of technology as the target of their mischiefs. For instance, while attending the lecture, a naughty student would ask the instructor to press Alt f4 (a command to close a window) by making the teacher believe that he is inaudible to students. As soon as the manipulated poor soul presses the key, the entire lecture goes to gutter since it closes the application. Some people used probs to trick the professors into thinking that the students are taking lectures but in fact, they were not even present in the online classes.

Messers become The Massies 

Where messers were trying to mess with the teachers during online lessons, somehow, they became the victims of their idiotic attempts to fool the instructors. As an example, some students who were trying to show their teachers that they were actively taking the lectures and using some probs to cause distractions failed miserably when they forgot to mute their mics. The whole class heard communications which weren’t supposed to be heard. Some forgot to turn of their camera and people could see them sleeping during the lectures. Such activities grasped the attention of memers. They noticed the actions, created the online class memes and posted them on social media platforms. A few of these laughable posts were labled as the funniest memes 2021 by the users of social platforms.  

Angry Teacher Memes

The teachers have been the consistent victims of online class memes since the majority were students and they constantly tried to trick their mentors. The reason is that while teaching a class of 30 students, a teacher had no clue which student was trying to bother him. All of them would unmute and start speaking simultaneously, which would confuse the instructors and make them angry. Though, it is and condemnable thing but watching it didn’t offend people, instead, it made them laugh.