The Consequences of Hiring Non-Certified Legal Translators

We have all seen a good trial movie at some point where we get to see a long emotional proceeding after which the protagonist finally gets justice. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work in real life. When you are facing the judge with your legal team you are required to present all sorts of legal documents to strengthen your case and it becomes even more challenging when the documents you are presenting in front of the judge are in foreign language. That’s where you require an authentic translation of the documents that you or your legal team is presenting.

Dubai Legal translation is quite technical in nature and has to be always done by a professional who has a good knowledge of not just the source and the target languages but also culture and legal proceedings.

An inexperienced or uncertified legal translator could cause more harm than good. Let’s have a quick look at the some of the key consequences you could possibly face due to incorrect legal translation.

Losing on technical grounds

This is quite a common scenario where an accused gets off on technicality. When a document is translated into another language, the translator has to take several factors into account such as cultural context and correct phrases etc. Using a wrong terminology could further complicate your case which could instead go against you when you are presenting an evidence in your favor.

It’s not just the matter of simple translation, a non-legal translator would not be aware of the legal terminologies which could cost you dearly in the court of law.

Compromised privacy

You legal documents are often confidential especially during the court proceedings, you have to be really careful who you share the critical information with. Sharing such sensitive documents with a random translator can be risky for several reasons. It’s always better to only share such documents with a certified translator or a firm who are known to uphold the privacy of their clients.

Inadmissible in court

The thing about nonprofessionals is, you can expect the worse from them. Imagine presenting a document in front of the judge that has been messed up so bad that it is now inadmissible. That would throw you back into the square one where you and your lawyers would have to start everything from the scratch. You wouldn’t trust a non-certified doctor to perform a surgery on you, so why risk your court case by getting your legal documents translated by a nonprofessional?